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Dance and Dementia

Music is an important part of life. When we hear a song, we can frequently be reminded of a certain place, or a particular time in our lives. Often, we feel as though we have literally been taken back to that place for just a second and we can remember exactly how we felt and …


How dance makes us happy.

Dance plays an important part in all cultures across the world and it has held a significant role in society for thousands of years. But what is it about dance that make us happy? There have been many studies carried out over the years attempting to discover what makes dance so enjoyable. Perhaps it is …


The Importance of Exercise

Exercise is a necessary part of every individual’s life as it allows us to maintain both our mental and physical health. Sadly, as we age it is usual for involvement in such activities to cease. ‘The loss of strength and stamina attributed to aging is in part caused by reduced physical activity’.